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Government Resources

Canadian Resources

Federal Resources

  • Canadian Human Rights Act - The purpose of this Act is to extend the laws in Canada to give effect, within the purview of matters coming within the legislative authority of Parliament, to the principle that all individuals should have an opportunity equal with other individuals to make for themselves the lives that they are able and wish to have and to have their needs accommodated, consistent with their duties and obligations as members of society, without being hindered in or prevented from doing so by discriminatory practices based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, family status, disability or conviction for an offence for which a pardon has been granted.
  • Disability Tax Credit Information - An information package from Revenue Canada about the disability tax benefits and you.

  • Child Disability Benefit - Medical and Disability Related Information - 2006

Ontario Resources

  • Ministry of Education A one-stop shopping experience!- This site is for anyone wanting to know or find information on our education system. Including, but not limited to, Policies, Regulations, School Board Links etc.
  • The Education Act on Special Education - What the Education System is bound by law to provide.

  • Ontario Human Rights Commissions - Guideline to Accessible Education Publication -

    The Guidelines provide clarification with respect to: principles of accommodation, creating a welcoming environment for all students, the accommodation process, the right to confidentiality and the disclosure of information, appropriate accommodation, accommodation planning, the undue hardship standard and the roles and responsibilities of those involved in the accommodation process.

  • Legislative Assembly of Ontario - Full information on each of the Members of Provincial Parliament who currently serve in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario.

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