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What is an Advocate?

An Advocate is a person or group that helps to secure and protect the rights of others - in this case your child's educational rights including those of exceptional/gifted children.

Key Benefits

  • An Advocate can represent you and/or your child in IEP or IPRC meetings, bullying issues or Tribunal Hearings.
  • An Advocate can also act as a mediator between you and the various educational bodies.
  • An Advocate can also help organize and prepare you for self-representation, offer you outside resources and educate you on your rights and responsibilities.
  • Most importantly, an Advocate can offer support to your entire family in a variety of ways.

The main goal of an Advocate is to strengthen the advocacy skills of parents in order to empower them to be more effective, knowledgeable team members.  An Educational Advocate can provide you with the knowledge to stop the struggles in school as well as make it a place where your child can go to learn and be happy.  We can teach you how to become an effective advocate for your child.  Informed, supportive parents are better able to make rational decisions for their children to ensure that the child's IEP/IPRC comprehensively addresses the child's unique needs.

Contact Information

Christina Walsh, Educational Advocate
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Tel: 519-925-9164

Email: Special Education Advocate


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