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Back to Basics Educational Services

Advocacy, Tutoring & Support


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At Back to Basics Educational Services we believe that…

  • Every child can be successful in their education.

  • Every child should feel safe, secure and successful.

  • No Child Is Left Behind Or Alone! 

Our mission is… 

  • To be dedicated to strengthening and building your child’s learning.

  • To be focused on your child's learning styles and needs.

  • To build a strong sense of self-esteem.

  • To provide one-on-one support to your child or other family members as required.

  • To individualize our programs to best suit your child's unique needs.

  • To highlight your child's abilities. 

Key Benefits

  • Restore and/or increase self-esteem
  • Build a solid knowledge of basic foundations
  • Increase abilities

In short:

Believe, Achieve and Succeed!

Contact Information

Christina Walsh, Educational Advocate
Back to Basics Educational Services

Tel: 519-925-9164

Email: Special Education Advocate


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